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A Grad Farewell from Ruby

June 28, 2019
By Miss Ruby Styer

Good evening, everyone! RTCS has been an influential part of my life, but I couldn’t have done it without my family. Thank you so much mom and dad for sending me here. Mom, we have enjoyed some good times and some bad times together. Most of our memories were good. Thank you for putting up with me not making my bed everyday. I also thank you for not getting too upset at me when I hid from you under the kitchen table when I didn’t want to do homeschool that day. Thank you, also, for not calling the police. I’m glad that we can just laugh at it, looking back. What you had to put up with with me makes that one time, when you skipped into the kitchen with the lunch cart my first year here, look not so bad. Again, we can laugh at it now. Not many people can say that their mother taught them voice and piano lessons at such a young age. Don’t worry, when I come home for the weekend, we will sing together like we used to. You have taught me so much musically and how to work for the Lord and not men. I will miss being a goofball at home with you and good luck with a house full of boys next year!

Dad, you have been so helpful when learning how to do my taxes or financial aid stuff for college. Thank you for all you have done for me, including the time that you drove my car up to Erie to get it pre-inspected and a week later coming to pick me up when it broke down. I am very grateful for your hard work and support. You are the person who made me into the goofball I am today. After 18 years of living with you, I finally started making my own parodies to songs that have to do with our cats. You really are funny, even if I don’t say you are and end up stealing your dumb jokes.

Jordan, even though we get annoyed at each other at times (naturally since we are siblings), I still love the times we have shared together, such as going to Kennywood together and riding all of the thrilling rides. You are also a goofball (this must run in our family or something). You have grown into a wonderful young man. Seriously, I was breath taken this year when I saw how much you have improved in singing and acting. I am just one Instagram message or email away when you need me.

Sonya, since I have written you so many notes over the years with what I’m about to say, I decided to mention you in my speech. Ever since I first talked to you, I knew that you had a Heart Full of Love, especially for piano. You are one of the best piano players I know because you produce the most beautiful Music of the Night. It’s amazing how many pieces you can play from memory. I’m pretty sure that there are about 24601 of them.I am very proud to call you my Angel of Music. You have taught me not to Look Down upon my piano skills and not compare them to your amazing skills. I know that when I am gone, it will feel like there are Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, but just think of me fondly when we’ve said goodbye. Seriously, that’s all I ask of you. When I need someone to talk about Les Miserables or Phantom of the Opera, I will be Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. I am going to miss you so much! The (Franz) Liszt goes on and on with how amazing you are. I mean, you were the one who introduced me to Phantom of the Opera and told me about the Masterpiece show Les Miserables. Don’t worry, I will be Bach.

Fellow seniors, we have enjoyed so much time together in the senior room that will be remembered as my favorite part of my high school career. We have bonded over warm beverages (mainly coffee) and games, such as Apples to Apples or Blackjack (no gambling, of course). We will have to go out for coffee sometime (not Maxwell House). You are the funniest people that I could ever have in my class. Congratulations, we made it through four crazy years of high school! See most of you next year around the Grove City Campus!

Mrs. Campbell, I thought that I knew how to write until I walked into your class. I was very stressed out about writing a full 8-10 pages at the beginning of the year. Thanks to your support and encouragement, I was able to do that. Then, I was stressed out about giving a presentation to a group of people. You, again, were very encouraging through that process. Looking back on it, I shouldn't have dreaded Senior Thesis, especially with such a wonderful teacher. I had a great time this year. I can't wait to play Trivial Pursuit sometime in the near future!

Mrs. Shaffer, ever since seventh grade, I have enjoyed singing in choir. That is the reason why I joined every choir that you have offered. I am going to miss getting myself into some crazy new choir that you introduce. I do thank you for making me sing a variety of voice parts over the years. It has helped improve my sight singing a lot. It was a pleasure singing under your direction and going on the awesome field trips that you bring your students on. Love ya, choir mom!

Mr. Stark, even though Literature and French aren’t my strong suits, you still made your classes fun. I didn’t understand many of the stories that we had to read, but the plot seemed interesting. I will never forget the stories we created in class, the most enjoyable part of my French years. There are several funny classes that happened, such as the day we made a story about the elf revolution. Turns out that my class was one of the more violent classes. The three things I learned in French class; 1, le banc means bench and when we act it out, we should pretend to be the bench instead of pretend we are sitting on an invisible bench. 2, I cannot draw to save my life and my queens look like pumpkin queens (la reine de citrouille). And finally, the first French proverb we learned, petit à petit l’oiseau fait son nid, or little by little the bird makes its nest. I also remember the time that you taught me who Adele was in 7th grade. That was when I realized that you are one of the coolest teachers at RTCS (no offense to the other teachers). I am glad that I get to call you the teacher who made me enjoy literature in the long run and taught me French and also my church elder. Thank you for opening up a whole new world of learning for me in literature and proving that memory is the residue of thought.

Though my experience at RTCS was nothing like High School Musical (No flash mobs or anything! What a disappointment!), it was better than anything I could ever ask for. It has helped me develop a better relationship with the Lord. Thank you all for being such a wonderful part of my life. You have helped me grow into the young Christian woman that I am today with all of the love and support I have received.