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July 17, 2019
By Ms. Hannah Struble, RTCS grad
Today’s a day like any other, and yet everything changes from here. In a blink of an eye. There’s a new life in front of my face. From here I will be working at the zoo and from there will attend Grove City College for Biology Health. But before I go, there are some things I need to say:


●  To my family, thank you ​for everything you have done for me. Specifically Rachel, Ryan, and Sarah for helping me get through classes I never thought I’d get through. To my mom, thank you for the advice you give and all the scheduling you accomplish. To dad, your baby is all grown up, but I will always be up for playing a game and listening to Hamilton. Love you guys!


●  To my teachers, I have no idea how to express my sincere gratitude. Mr. Stark, you and the other teachers put me through some form of an inferno, but somehow each of you lasted as my Virgil, sticking to my side and helping guide me to this point. One person I must specifically mention is Mrs. Heather Smith. She first needs to be commended for not getting mad after some person started an ongoing fan page about her. She helped me when my calculator wasn’t working (because I forgot to push that conspicuous “on” button) has


taken me to a dentist in Houston, and has dealt with me in the car for over 45 hours. In addition to all of that, she has listened and answered my life questions and taught me to be a Godly woman no matter what comes my way.


● To the students who are moving up to upper school, I just have two things.
1. Do what Mr.Stark says
2. You’ll get through test hick-ups just as I did. Remember, the
thing where water falls is a waterfall.


● To the students and friends who are watching,​ I’ll give a name and a brief association I have with that person
Addie- You’re first bc first is the worst
Alex- Wompom Sebastian---Mexico (I apologize again)
Anna---THE man and MATH
Sonya---prank mentorship has been my pleasure
Nate---little brother Tim---flashlight Jacob---(apparently I have to say this to you too) flashlight
Te​ ss---You have changed me for the better. We have been on some crazy trips together from Houston to Florida, Kentucky and more! I can’t wait to go on our next journey! “Adventure is out there!”
Nathan---horses, chickens, and most importantly Marcus Hannah Lin---Trail of tears Emily---Telepathy and nose wiggles
(deep breath)


As Ms. Elle Woods has once said, “There’s still so much to learn, so many dreams to earn, but even if I crash and burn ten times a day, I think I’m here to stay, I’m gonna find my way. It is with passion, the courage of conviction, and a strong sense of self that we take our next steps into this world. Remembering that first impressions are not always correct and that we must always have faith.”
Thank you all! And to my fellow seniors, WE DID IT!!!