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“This school will push you, both academically and spiritually.…you will be guided to grow both as a student and as a citizen.”
—RTCS Alum,
“Both of my children attended RTCS. It has been the best decision we, as parents, and my kids, have ever made. Spiritually and academically it is well beyond what the public schools could ever offer. My children started attending in their high school years; my son graduated in 2016 and my daughter will be a senior this fall. It has allowed them to learn more about God and live what they believe in a relaxed atmosphere without worries of drugs, bullying, and violence. They have formed lasting relationships with not only their peers, but also the teachers, principal, and staff. I am thankful we found such a wonderful place for our young adults. My son was accepted at his first choice for college and my daughter is looking to do the same this fall. If you are considering an alternative to public school, RTCS is the place.”
—RTCS parent,
“Our family has had a wonderful experience at RTCS. The academics are good and allowed my children to all receive great merit-based scholarships for college. At this school, my children didn't just learn facts, but they learned how to be good critical thinkers. We are very happy with our experience here.”
—RTCS parent,
“All of my kids have spent at least part of their education at RTCS. It has the highest academic standards of any of the schools my kids have attended (public, private, Catholic in three states!). The environment of the school is positive and nurturing, with an expectation that the students will encourage and be patient with each other. They seem to genuinely enjoy spending time with each other! A real advantage of the small size of this school is that bullying is not tolerated and even mild teasing is noticed and dealt with immediately in a kind but firm way. But my main reason for keeping my kids there is the dedication of the teachers and staff. They all work together so well and seek to build character and a loving attitude in these kids, as well as academic achievement. Teresa Bailley in kindergarten, Grace Alouise in the 1st and 2nd grade, and Jonathan Stark in the middle school are teachers who are exceptional, setting up a classroom environment that fosters a real love for learning about God’s word and the world He has made.”
—Elizabeth Bortka, review
“One of the best parts about RTCS is the staff, who are very dedicated to creating an environment in which the students thrive. They are always willing to bend over backward to help students in any way they can, emotionally supporting as well as taking the time to learn about each student and how to help them best.”
—RTCS student,
“I could not be happier than to have my children learn in a fun and safe environment! RTCS has several dress-up days throughout the year that encourage school spirit. The excitement of these days are carried over into the classroom setting as well. Many of the teachers plan exciting and educational lessons that bring the content to life. I have seen the high school science classes give demonstrations to the lower elementary students. These experiments often leave the elementary students in wide-eyed wonder. My son has admired these lessons and is excited to finally be old enough to participate in the experiments that he has long admired.”
RTCS parent,
“I attended RTCS kindergarten through 12th grade. It not only prepared me for college, it also prepared me with the professional skills needed for the workplace. I was taught to write and communicate well and I was given many opportunities to both lead and contribute to a team. The teachers are passionate, committed, and excellent at what they do. Many teachers have become my dear friends as I've entered into adulthood. I highly recommend it!”
—Jamie Dodd,
“I have a child with learning difficulties at RTCS and all the teachers are extremely patient and loving toward him and willingly adopt any accommodation necessary for his academic and spiritual success.”
—RTCS parent,
“We have three grandchildren in RTCS, and have been visiting programs at the school for many years! Our grandchildren's personal relationship with their teachers is a great strength of the school. It's amazing what the children have learned in a few short years because of really good Christian teachers who model Christ and infuse the curriculum with a Christian perspective. We're impressed by the Classical model the school has been using and see results from the high academic standards. Our granddaughter tells us she loves learning Latin. Though we live out of state, we've enjoyed going to the Grandparent Day held every year. We've seen our grandchildren maturing and developing through their school work and in their daily lives. Kids of all ages 4–18 interact with each other; it's a unique situation that this school has classes for all ages through to high school, which creates some unique opportunities for interactions that are positive for everyone.”
—Alida Reitsma,
“I cannot say enough good things about RTCS. All of our children received an excellent education with a strong moral foundation. As a parent I have been involved with the school for almost 14 years. I have never seen or heard of bullying or any serious behavior infraction. Students are respectful, teachers are caring, staff is helpful. Compare RTCS to any public school on things that matter—academic excellence, morality and dignity, safety and respect—and there is no comparison!”
—RTCS parent,
“RTCS has been a game-changer for both my children. The public schools could never offer what RTCS has given both of my children: a deeper faith, confidence in their academic abilities, and peace of mind, as well as growing them into caring, responsible adults!”
—RTCS parent,
“The teachers are truly top-notch. It is so rare to find a community of learning that features staff members that prioritize both high standards and compassion for their students.”
—RTCS parent,
“When we moved to Pittsburgh we searched for a Christian school…with high academic standards, and with loving, caring teachers for our children. We found all these in RTCS. We love that our children can learn from and observe how these dedicated…Christian teachers faithfully live their lives, in and out of the classroom. We especially like that local…pastors and elders are regularly involved in teaching classes here.…Finances are always a consideration, and having had up to five children at RTCS at a time, we have found the tuition to be very reasonable. We are blessed to have found this gem!”
—David Halligan,
“We love having our kids at RTCS! We appreciate the Christian teachers, the safe environment, the prayer in the classrooms, and the dedication to faithful Christian instruction.…Your children will be well prepared for academic and spiritual success.”
—RTCS parent,
“My daughter, who is now a senior, has attended RTCS since 8th grade. After attending public elementary and completing a year of cyber-school, I can honestly say that enrolling at RTCS was the best decision we made. It's a small school with a family atmosphere, and I never experienced or witnessed anything that wasn't positive. My daughter received an excellent education and was accepted at the 6 universities she applied to around the country. Just as important, her faith and biblical knowledge has been strengthened during her time here. I highly recommend RTCS for your child's education.”
—RTCS parent,
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