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MR. ADAM SHAFFER--Search Account Manager, Merkle, Inc.

Having spent my entire young life at RTCS (K–12), it was a scary step to finally leave its halls to tackle the next stages of life. I couldn’t help but wonder… Could a small school like RTCS adequately prepare me to handle the world at large? Looking back almost 10 years later, I can answer that concern with a resounding “Yes.” Although I didn’t stray too far from home for very long, I’ve managed to have a whirlwind of life experiences since graduating in 2007. RTCS instilled a great deal of confidence in me by giving me a variety of opportunities to lead student groups, star in theatrical productions, and think deeply and critically about the world around me. It didn’t take long for me to carry that confidence forward.

RTCS set me up for success mere weeks after graduating, and in a very tangible way. By the grace of God and years of academic rigor at the school, I was able to gather a variety of grants and scholarships that allowed me to go to college absolutely free. My family sacrificed much to send me to a private school like RTCS (something I’ve come to appreciate more as an adult), and it’s amazing to look back and see that financial sacrifice pay off in such a clear way.  That investment in a solid education has already paid off ten-fold, and I know that it will continue to do so.


MRS. JESSICA JOHNSON--Rhetoric and Senior Thesis Teacher, Robinson Township Christian School

My name is Jessica Johnson, and I graduated from Robinson Township Christian School in 2007. My name was Jessica Lavor when I was a student at the school.  I came to RTCS in 7th grade from public school where I attended since 1st grade.  My parents decided to send me to RTCS to get me away from the dangerous and profane environment that I was in at the public school. I was not happy to move to a new school away from my friends at first, but as I grew in understanding and developed meaningful relationships, I also grew to love RTCS and became forever grateful for my parents' decision to send me there.

After graduation, I went to the University of Pittsburgh for four years and graduated with a double major in English literature and history of art and architecture. During my senior year at Pitt I taught Senior Thesis at RTCS under the supervision of Mr. Jonathan Stark. I also was given the opportunity to teach several college classes in the literature department as an undergraduate teaching assistant for two semesters under two of my favorite professors. These part-time teaching experiences opened my eyes to my love for teaching and the education system.

In 2013, I accepted a full time postion with RTCS teaching the 5th & 6th grade class. And presently, I lead the Senior Thesis program for the graduating class of 2018.


more alumni bios to come! 
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