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It's Time to Enroll!

January 23, 2021
By Mr. Bryan Campbell, RTCS Principal
Dear Parent/Guardian of Current Robinson Township Christian School Students,
Re-enrollment time for the 2021-2022 school year is here!  Before I launch into a discussion of re-enrollment, I want to express my sincere thanks to YOU for YOUR commitment in sending YOUR child to our school.  As we prepare for the final stretch run of our 42nd year, I am truly amazed at how the Lord has blessed our school and how the Lord has used YOU to bless it, even in the midst of the challenging circumstances of the pandemic.  We are in much better shape as a school as we prospect into the 2021/2022 school year, and this is due to the effort of the entire RTCS school community, of which YOU play a large part.  THANK YOU!
As an expression of gratitude to all of you who have committed your child(ren) to our school over this past challenging year, the RTCS Board has decided not to increase tuition for the 2021-2022 school year.  Attached is the Tuition and fees schedule for the 2021-2022 school year.  Please note that the school is not charging any re-enrollment fees if you re-enroll before February 28, 2021.  You must re-enroll your child on FACTS SIS.
The steps required to re-enroll are as follows:
Go to
Type "RT-PA" (no quotes) for district code.
Enter your username and password.
Click on “Apply/Enroll” on the left.
Click on “Enrollment/Reenrollment” on the left then click on the "Click here to open Online Enrollment" link.
You will then be provided an enrollment packet based on your child's age (if your child turns 5 before 9/1/21, you will be presented with a Kindergarten packet; if your child is 4 before 9/1/21, you will be presented with a choice to enroll your child in Morning or Afternoon Preschool.
Please let the school know if you are having any problems.
We continue to provide generous tuition discounts for families with multiple children.  Our multiple-child discounts represent our first (and most significant) level of tuition assistance.  If you require additional tuition assistance, we have limited scholarships available for those who qualify.  If you qualify, or have extenuating circumstances, you MUST complete a Financial Aid application by logging into your Renweb account, clicking on “Family Information”, then click “Financial Aid”.  You will be redirected to FACTS (the same online Tuition Aid management service that RTCS used last year) where you can submit the required information in applying for aid.  Please note that just because you meet the qualification standard, that doesn’t mean you will receive financial assistance.  Financial assistance will go to those who are in the greatest need first and funding is limited.
As you consider the educational needs of your child(ren) and the value of a quality Christian education, it is my desire that you will choose to re-enroll at RTCS.  Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or the office.
Soli Deo Gloria,
Bryan Campbell
Robinson Township Christian School


October 29, 2020
By Robin Heiple, RTCS Board Member/PR Chair

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!   

No one could have predicted 2020!  This past year has set a new pace for all aspects of our lives.  We’re happy to share that Robinson Township Christian School opened our doors as planned August 26, 2020.  RTCS has maintained a healthy and safe school environment for the staff, teachers, and students. It is a delight to walk through the halls of RTCS and see it active, alive and engaged in all things! 

However, because of Covid-19 protocols, we have needed to evaluate many of the logistics and traditions of what we do at RTCS.  These changes include looking at how we traditionally hold fundraising events.  Sadly, we will not be able to hold our annual dinner auction this fall which helps maintain our budget.   It has been a tradition for the last 40 years to have this fundraiser.  

While I began to fret, the Lord quickly reminded me WHO is in charge and WHO has ALL THINGS in control.  I wondered how we could possibly raise the funds to make up for the biggest fundraiser of the year, and then I was approached by a family that offered an idea… why not have a matching challenge? The thought was: “encourage others to give and seek to have their dollars doubled by other generous donors.”  I thought the idea sounded great but wondered how in the world would we DO that?  Once again, the Lord reminded me, HE has it all worked out…

We are excited to announce Robinson Township Christian School’s first WEEK OF GIVING THANKS is November 2 - 8, 2020!  Thanks to the generous provision of several families, every gift made to RTCS during the Week of Giving Thanks, will be matched dollar for dollar up to a total of $10,000.  That’s right, YOUR donation will be doubled up to $10,000 during this WEEK OF GIVING THANKS.  Will you help us reach this goal in just 7 days?

Your generous contributions allow RTCS to continue to make a life-changing impact on student lives for Christ.  It is SO appropriate to call this week: A WEEK OF GIVING THANKS.  The Lord has continued to provide and sustain RTCS for 41 years and we pray through your generosity He will continue to do so. 

On Monday, November 2, we will begin our campaign! Find our updates on social media pages and emails blasts, re-post or write up your own message sharing the good news that we are GIVING THANKS for what the Lord is doing through RTCS.  Spread the word, and on Monday we will send out the official #weekofgivingthanks link. Thank you for encouraging EVERYONE’S help to meet our goal of MATCHING $10,000.

No gift is too big or too small, all adds up for us to meet our goal.  We’re grateful for your partnership in making a kingdom impact at RTCS.  Thank you.

For HIS Glory!                                                                                                                                                 

Robin Heiple,  Fundraising Chair,  Robinson Township Christian School


July 25, 2020
By RTCS Administration

Dear Families of RTCS;

We are excited to soon meet in person for schooling for the upcoming year! We have been making many preparations for that time, specifically how our school will take special precautions during the pandemic.

Our main defenses for prevention of disease within our school are focused in these areas:

Students and teachers will sanitize hands when entering and leaving the building as well as at preset times during the day.

Increased cleaning of classrooms, lunch room, fellowship hall, and foyer.

Everyone entering the building will have their temperature checked using a contact free thermometer. Anyone with a temperature greater that 100.4 will be asked to leave the school premises for the day and self quarantine.

As per PA state guidelines, individuals are required to wear a face covering in common areas of our school. Once settled into their classrooms and socially distanced, students and staff may remove their masks, but are not required to do so.

Social distancing and maintaining personal space will be helped by dividing some upper school lunches and study halls to ensure adequate spacing.

Our school has small enough numbers to statistically decrease our chance of exposure. Additionally, there are plans to keep upper school and grammar school separated, limiting exposure.

We ask during this time our students and their families take the necessary precautions to help keep our RTCS community safe and virus free.

If your child is symptomatic of any type of illness such as runny nose, sore throat, stomach issues, fever, etc., please keep him/her home.

Should your child become ill during the school day, it is imperative that you or another authorized adult are able to pick up your child from school immediately upon being notified by the school. It is important for this to happen quickly both for the child and to avoid any further spread.

If your child or anyone in your family has been exposed to COVID-19, please do not send your child(ren) to school for 14 days after the exposure and be sure they are symptom free.

Should a family member test positive for COVID please keep your child(ren) home for 14 days and be sure they are symptom free prior to returning to school.

Should your child(ren) develop COVID please do not them send back to school for a minimum of 14 days after the start of symptoms inclusive of 3 days symptom and fever free, and/or 2 negative test results at least 24 hours apart.

In the event of a confirmed case among our students or faculty, RTCS will take steps to mitigate further risk which may involve sending students home for a period of time. In such a case, RTCS will administer remote learning during the temporary shutdown period. RTCS will clearly communicate the timeline for return.

Thank you, RTCS Families, for your patience and understanding as we continue to adapt our daily policies and procedures to keep our staff, students, and families safe. Since the situation continues to change, our policies and procedures will be evaluated frequently. As always, we will be diligent in the education and safety of our children as we rest in the Lord’s care.


RTCS Board of Directors
RTCS Health and Safety Task Force

Learning to Live in the Moment

January 22, 2020
By Ms. Alyssa Gadsby
We checked in with some of our RTCS grads, asking them to look back on their time at Robinson Township Christian School, this is what one grad had to say:
Being a college student, I tend to find myself looking toward my future and preparing for my life and how it may change. I came to the realization that this preparation and thought of what the future may hold has been with me for nearly all of my life. I would find myself not only planning but worrying about what is to come. Looking back at this experience of wondering what the future may hold, I came to the conclusion that there is one thing holding me steady, the love and strength of Christ. Robinson Township Christian School (RTCS) is where I spent most of my high school career and I could not have been blessed with a more fantastic education and experience. In the midst of planning and worrying about my future, I did not understand that the education and encouragement I was getting was preparing me for this future and no worrying had to be done. This is the case due to the solid ground that the curriculum is built on and the love and encouragement of God that surrounds every aspect of experiences at RTCS. My time at this school led me to know Christ and to deepen my relationship with Him before I left to enter the secular world. The genuine care that each of the students and staff showed me prepared me for my future. I was given opportunities to have a relationship with each of my teachers due to the small class sizes which aided not only in spiritual growth, but educational growth. I came into university knowing that I would be ready for whatever is thrown at me all because of my high school. If I took the time to realize how well RTCS was preparing me for my future, I would have spent less time worrying and more time living in the moment and making the most of my wonderful high school career. 
Alyssa is currently in her second year studying Physics and Mathematics at Duquense University.

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Of Dragons and Living as a Christian in a Fallen World

Of Dragons and Living as a Christian in a Fallen World

August 14, 2018
By Mr. Jonathan Stark, Bible, Literature & Languages Teacher
A Welsh flag like this one is one of the first things people notice when they come into my class room. It was a gift from a student who visited Wales--and who knew how much her teacher likes dragons.
Dragons are often on the menu in upper school literature classes: in 7th and 8th grade literature, in British Literature and World Literature, and in the elective courses on Tolkien and on C.S. Lewis. They even pop up in Bible classes from time to time. But dragons really come into their own in Monsters Ink, an elective course for 10th-12th graders offered this year. Various dragons will be joined by a motley crew of vampires, werewolves, and other creatures made of nightmares. We will use stories from world folklore and mythology as well as novels like DraculaFrankenstein, anThe Book of the Dun Cow
Such monsters are not real, of course, but they can be really entertaining. And more than that, students will find that dragons and other colorful monsters can teach us much about living a Christian life in a fallen world.

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